O7PORTAL gives you access to a set of digital tools for user metrics and analytics, communication and loyalty features, powered by gamification. Use the O7PORTAL to engage, motivate, challenge and reward drivers, all through a simple. yet effective solution.



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Build on state-of-the art web technologies, the O7 PORTAL contains modules that can give you metrics on:

  • Progress of your fleet’s quantitative number of drivers
  • Average distance per trip
  • Average trips per driver
  • Distance per road type
  • Aggregate total and per individual categories driving score
  • Average speed over the speed limit
  • Average mobile use duration
  • Harsh Braking frequency and level of intensity
  • Harsh Acceleration frequency and level of intensity

Using filters, you can set the period and time unit of all these metrics so that you can create a
data history based on daily, weekly or monthly data. Analytics can give you information ranging on all levels, starting from the fleet overview all the way down to a specific driver.

O7 PORTAL gives you the capability to rapidly and reliably restructure your client portfolio using cost effective and cutting edge technologies and thereby gaining a substantial competitive advantage over your local market.

Gain access to our advanced analytics, assess the risk level of each driver segment accurately (e.g. vehicle value, vehicle engine, location, driver profile etc.), proceed to targeted advertisement and attract the safest drivers.

Having these powerful analytics at your disposal, you can establish crucial KPIs that reflect your fleet’s safe driving awareness. When you identify a negative trend or weakness, the O7 PORTAL provides a sophisticated toolbox that you can use either individually or combined in order to incentivize drivers towards safer driving. Below you can see this toolbox based on the time frame where results start paying off:

  • Message Campaigns (instant)

    Message Campaigns provide a direct channel of communication with your drivers. You can target static or dynamic pools of drivers and deliver highly personalized & localized content to their mobile device. Message Campaigns can run either once or multiple times based on a time schedule of your choosing.


  • Challenge Campaigns (short-term, 1-2 weeks)

    Challenge Campaigns allow you to address the problematic driving habits of your drivers through challenges which reward the driver for achieving a goal throughout a specific time period. Challenge Campaigns can run either once or multiple times based on a time schedule of your choosing.


  • Competitions (mid-term, 1-2 months)

    You can stage monthly or longer lasting Competitions and reward winners with awards of your choosing. Drivers that opt-in to participate build their scores by practicing safe driving throughout their daily commutes.


  • SafeMiles (mid to long-term, 3-12 months)

    SafeMiles work as an everlasting reminder that safe driving is indeed rewarded. By combining our novel loyalty program SafeMiles with Message and Challenge campaigns, you can create a highly gamified experience for your drivers that will be fun for them and profitable for you.


  • Discount (long term, 6-12 months)

    Drivers that have policies close to maturity can receive personalized offers for policy discounts based on their driving score. You can set the app to display the estimated discount throughout the course of the policy, hence help your drivers keep eyes on the target from early on.