The O7SDK collects raw sensor data from the mobile device and uploads them to the OSeven platform for processing. On top of the sophisticated data-recording engine, the O7SDK offers a variety of user engagement features that promote driving awareness and boost user loyalty.

Your App

If you opt in for the SDK, you will be able to develop custom driving behaviour analytic apps that

  • Detect trips

  • Collect sensors data

  • Send data for processing

  • Receive trip results

  • Receive driving
    analytics for users


The SDK goes a lot further than simply collecting data and sending trip results. It offers native APIs for a variety of gamification and loyalty features all designed to maximize user engagement and boost your brand to the market. You can choose between features that offer discounts to drivers based on driving performance, challenge drivers to compete against others or themselves, send personalized instant messages to drivers or even have drivers collect credits (SafeMiles) that can be redeemed to product and services from a selected network of merchandisers


Support for

Our team is constantly staying up to date in the ever-changing field of iOS and Android operating systems, making sure the O7SDK follows the recommendations of Apple and Google on all technical aspects.

Support Features

  • Platform-specific technical documentation
  • Comprehensive walkthrough guide for O7SDK embedment
  • OSeven support portal
  • Q+A sessions


Technical specifications table

  iOS Android
MIN SUPPORTED VERSION 10 API level 21 (5.0 Lollipop)
SUPPORTED DEVICES iPhone 5S & later All devices running Android API level 19 and higher

What makes this solutions unique:

  • No need for user interaction
  • Optimized battery consumption
  • Smart trip-detection system
  • Non-intrusive user-activity monitoring
  • Efficient background operation
  • Embeddable in native & hybrid apps