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Moving Forward, Driving the Future of Mobility

We use state of the art technology & algorithms, reliable metrics and novel gamification schemes, to help drivers understand their weak points and improve themselves.


The future of mobility is connected and data driven. Companies that gain access to valuable driving behaviour and vehicle usage data can provide their customers with proactive insights and tips, assess risk more accurately, and resolve claims faster. To support those tech savvy and forward looking companies, we have developed a flexible device agnostic platform that utilises all the available data sources to assess driving behaviour, including smartphone sensors and automotive OEM APIs. Nevertheless, our trojan horse is the smartphone solution, where the smartphone is the recording engine. A sophisticated recording engine that utilizes values from all the different sensors achieving an optimum combination of accuracy and battery consumption, while at the same time, it measures driver’s distraction while driving, one of the most important cause of traffic accidents.


Our expertise and focus lies on analysing driving behaviour data and on the realistic estimation of the risk associated with individual driving characteristics. Our cutting edge AI-enabled infrastructure is based on over 25 years of acknowledged research in the fields of driving behaviour analysis, traffic accident analysis, distracted driving, road safety, transportation engineering, modelling, big data analytics and machine learning.


It is a fact that safe drivers are not born, they are raised via the appropriate education, training and motivation. All our solutions are developed based on solid gamification principles to maximise user engagement and customer loyalty. For us, gamification is not just a trend. It is a valuable tool which appeals to everyone and helps drivers understand their driving behaviour and improve through a set of gamified experiences and challenges. Gamification practices have been successfully integrated in sectors such as Health and Education with extremely positive results when it comes to boosting engagement and motivation. This is very significant for the new generation of drivers, since it transforms safe driving into a “serious game”, but also for senior drivers, as it creates user-friendly interactive tools for evaluation, and sets suggestions for improvement through clear and tangible goals. Core members of our team have significant experience and expertise in the use of gamification in the Transportation and Mobility sectors with highly acknowledged publications.