OSeven stands for 0.7 seconds, which is the best possible reaction time of a fully conscious driver in case of an unexpected event.



We Are On a Mission For a “Zero
Accidents” World, One Ride at a Time


Safe driving and the continuous education and improvement of driving behaviour, have been at the core of OSeven from the very first day. We help drivers unlock their full potential as safe & eco drivers, become more focused on the road, more eager to drive safer and we reward them for their efforts.


We want to help you lower your costs and boost customer loyalty and we can provide you with the tools to engage, motivate and reward your customers.


Our vision is to create the “OSeven Driver”, a sensitized safe and eco driver, as the Driver of the 21st century, raising driving awareness to the society through new proactive and innovative mobility solutions focusing on customer engagement and constant improvement. In this way we create safer roads for everyone, one ride at a time.


Our team consists of experts in the fields of Road Safety, Driver Behaviour Modelling, Transportation, Statistics, Data Science and Machine Learning, leveraging over 25 years of international research and development.


We have a dream, a mission, and we are determined to make it happen. We partner with the best around the world and we believe in the powerful potential of each single driver. We follow 4 simple values as our company culture and our everyday practice.


Salah M. 

Walaa Insurance COO

As an insurance company, we believe technology plays a vital role in achieving the kingdom’s vision 2030. OSeven is highly recommended, its Telematics technology and UBI solution exceeded our expectations and enabled us to be a pioneer in the industry.


Executive Chairman Bank of Cyprus Group Insurance Business

We have partnered with OSeven to deliver a full-fledged Telematics app in Cyprus. OSeven provided a comprehensive technical, business and legal/compliance framework for us that boosted the launch of the app with maximum efficiency. The app itself, developed entirely by OSeven, is a state-of-the-art product that they, and we, sure feel proud of.


Head of Anytime Online by Interamerican

Having tested different telematics solutions internationally, OSeven definitely provided us with a very reliable and scalable tool.
As a team, we believe in a world with “more safety and less insurance” and OSeven technology supports this value creation for us but most importantly for our customers, since we can provide them with all the necessary incentives to drive safely.


Executive Vice President at Qatar Insurance Company

We chose OSeven technology as we find it to on the very forefront of telematics development, including the advanced artificial intelligence solutions, the ability to communicate with the drivers and the optional gamification elements. The team has done whatever it took to accommodate our requirements and we’re really satisfied with the final outcome.

Prof. George
Yiannis, NTUA

International Traffic Safety Expert, OSeven

The OSeven application is the ideal modern driver companion for improving our driving behavior, changing the traffic safety culture of the society and leading the way towards vision zero road accidents. OSeven guides the new driving revolution.


Co-founder & CEO, Endeavor Global

We are excited that OSeven joined the Endeavor Global network and we are thrilled to support and contribute to OSeven’s inspiring vision around road safety and eco-mobility.

Prof. Eleni
Vlahogianni, NTUA

International Transportation and Machine Learning Expert, OSeven

The Oseven platform is a unique blend of innovative sensing, sophisticated data science and profound transportation intuition, unleashing enormous opportunities for understanding driving behavior. The OSeven ecosystem is a vivid proof that explainable Artificial Intelligence can truly revolutionize the way we think about driving.

João Audi

Thinkseg Group Co-Founder

The passion of OSeven is definitely reflected on company’s product and vision which makes this solution really unique. This is what inspired ThinkSeg to select OSeven solution among others, to disrupt the insurance industry in LatAm region “one ride at a time”


Are you an expert with the dream of making the world a safer place? Join our team to help reshape the future of mobility, one ride at a time.

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We are always glad to hear from motivated individuals who share our vision