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Harnessing the power of vehicle data

Welcome to a realm where Usage-based insurance meets connectivity!

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformative shift, and we’re at the forefront of this exciting evolution. We enable automakers and insurance underwriters to offer the next generation of Pay How You Drive insurance, powered by rich data gathered from in-vehicle sensors and analyzed in the vehicle.
Our connected solution, seamlessly embedded into in-vehicle software, enables real-time driving behavior analysis and risk prevention alerts, enhancing road safety and delivering a seamless experience like never before!

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Discover our disruptive driving behavior analysis and risk prevention solution – the first of its kind, operating in real-time directly within the vehicle. Transitioning from relying on cloud APIs, provided by automotive manufacturers or connectivity platforms, to analyzing data directly on the vehicle’s edge marks a significant and transformative shift.

Our solution, based on real-time AI and ML algorithms and novel edge computing techniques, sets a new standard for the insurance and automotive industry.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of in-vehicle edge computations, you can now benefit from highly accurate risk assessment, low latency, reduced cloud costs, and overall enhanced data privacy and security.

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Edge computing ensures that driver insights and alerts are generated on the spot, offering a dynamic solution for real-time driving behavior analysis and proactive accident prevention. Our connected solution enables the instant identification of risky driving events by employing machine learning models in real-time during driving and promptly notifies drivers through messages displayed on the in-vehicle screen. Connected auto insurance coupled with real-time capabilities leads to lower accident risk for drivers and passengers and a substantial reduction in claims costs, ultimately enhancing the loss ratio and overall profitability of underwriters.

Align your insurance business with a proactive and personalized approach to risk management.

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Offer your customers the best possible experience and convenience when purchasing and renewing their auto insurance policy as well as submitting claims seamlessly through their vehicle’s infotainment. Empower your customers to effortlessly activate and renew their policies with just a few taps, unlocking instant access to continuous rewards and valuable insights for safe and eco-friendly driving.

Launch the most disruptive and competitive auto insurance product in your market and witness unparalleled customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention.

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Our strategic alliances with top-tier automotive makers and in-vehicle software providers give us access to millions of vehicles worldwide and position us at the forefront of the connected insurance revolution. Together with our global partners, we build the next generation of telematics, driving behavior analysis, and risk prevention services for the insurance, leasing, fleet management, and automotive industries.

We are here to help our clients innovate, differentiate, and maintain their competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving connected world.

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