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Unlocking driving insights from phone sensors

Experience the future of usage-based auto insurance, more advanced and engaging than ever before!

Whether you seek innovative pricing based on driving behavior or mileage, we are the ideal partner for you. Explore our comprehensive suite of mobile telematics, driver scoring, risk prevention, and gamification features – everything you need to successfully launch a unique Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) product in your market. Step into a new era of safe and sustainable insurance and mobility with OSeven! Our innovative solutions redefine insurance, leasing, and fleet management, paving the way for a sustainable world with zero accidents.

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Our mobile telematics technology analyzes data gathered from smartphone sensors and delivers real-time and post-trip analysis.

Harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning, our algorithms provide personalized scoring based on key driving risk factors, ensuring highly accurate risk assessment. Our user-friendly telematics app guides drivers through an effortless onboarding process, helping them configure phone settings for smooth trip recording. Distinguishing between driver/passenger roles and transport modes, our solution adapts to the unique mobility patterns of customers. For Bluetooth-equipped cars, our solution facilitates seamless pairing with the insured car’s Bluetooth kit and Apple CarPlay, ensuring an optimal driving experience.

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Our Pay How You Drive and Pay As You Drive offerings go far beyond traditional telematics, providing a complete suite of intelligent tools crafted to engage and assist your customers in enhancing their driving performance and lowering their accident risk and vehicle expenses. We offer gamification tools, fuel and eco-driving analytics, instant detection of road crashes, real-time alerts for risky driving events, digital car inspection, and a seamless claims submission process (FNOL).

Offer your customers a fully digital car insurance experience right on their smartphone!

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Seize the embedded auto insurance opportunity to unlock substantial and recurring revenues through an innovative product designed for scalable digital distribution. Forge bancassurance and other affinity partnerships with telcos or fuel retailers to tap into millions of potential customers within their app ecosystems. We empower insurance distributors to launch an in-app telematics feature, powered by our SDK, to create enhanced value for their customers. App users of these ecosystems can opt-in to the telematics service at any time, earning discounts on premiums, cashback, and loyalty points by practicing safe driving.

Our unique safe driving reward program, SafeMiles, can be seamlessly linked to any official loyalty program, enhancing and optimizing the overall customer experience.

Plug a novel Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) product directly into third-party apps and maximize policy sales and renewals.

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Our white-label solutions are an excellent fit for both online and offline distribution of insurance telematics products.

Whether your customers prefer direct channels or intermediaries such as insurance brokers and agents, they can instantly purchase or renew their insurance telematics policy and unlock discounted premiums and rewards right from the start. We equip our clients and their agents and brokers with comprehensive documentation, training, and support, to ensure maximum conversions at the point of sale.

Offer your online and offline customers the most competitively priced car insurance, enriched by ongoing insights and rewards.

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